Mark Twain Trail Annual Events

Mark Twain Days – Virginia City, Nevada – July

The Mark Twain Trail will create, host, and run several events yearly either at or around the four Mark Twain Trail Adventure and Education Centers.  The initial plan is to start with two events that will be held annually with the first event Mark Twain Days a week long celebration of the life, writing, and times of Mark Twain that will be held in the Summer each year in and around Virginia City, Nevada.

Virginia City, Nevada

Mark Twain Festival at Lake Tahoe – Lake Tahoe, Nevada – August

The second annual event will be one week conference held in the Summer at Lake Tahoe, Nevada annually that will invite academics, writers, historians, and members of the general public which will be called the Mark Twain Festival at Lake Tahoe.  The Mark Twain Festival at Lake Tahoe will be a week long conference that will include daily speeches, panels, discussions, hiking, boating, fishing, and lots of other things one can do inside and outside at Lake Tahoe in the Summer.

Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Mark Twain Books and Ideas Festival – San Francisco, California – September

San Francisco, California

In future years The Mark Twain Trail has plans to coordinate with local officials in the Angels Camp, California area to have the Trail play a role in their current significant Mark Twain celebrations, and to also begin a Mark Twain Book and Ideas Festival in and around the Trail’s location at The Presidio in San Francisco.

In Cooperation with Calaveras County Visitors Bureau – Mark Twain Wild Wild West – Angels Camp, California – October

Angels Camp, California