Mark Twain was at heart an Adventurer and Adventure is at the heart of The Mark Twain Trail.  Just as Mark Twain “Lighted Out” for the Western United States as a young man as Samuel Clemens and became the world famous Mark Twain, one of the primary goals of The Mark Twain Trail is to instill that Twainian Spirit of Adventure in everyone that wants to live what Socrates called “the examined life” and a life which Mark Twain fully lived himself.

At each of The Mark Twain Trail Adventure + Education Visitor Centers in Virginia City, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, and Angels Camp one will be able to learn about the importance of each of those cities in the creation of Mark Twain the writer, and they will also be advised on how they too can chase Twainian and other nearby adventures.  It is our hope here at The Mark Twain Trail that once you have visited one or more of our Mark Twain Adventure + Education Visitor Centers that you will have learned a lot more about Mark Twain the man, the writer, the comedian, and the adventurer, and that you will take a part of Mark Twain with you on all your future adventures.  Most of all we hope by learning about the life and times of Mark Twain that you will leave a lot more curious about life and a considerable amount more open to world that you find during your travels.

Mark Twain Adventure Days for Kids at Lake Tahoe

Involving directly with the goal of Adventure and teaching people about the importance of chasing Adventure in their lives The Mark Twain Trail plans to bring kids from America’s cities to Lake Tahoe every Summer so they can experience Adventure first-hand.  We plan to call these excursions Mark Twain Adventure Days which will include an all-expense paid trip for kids to come to Lake Tahoe which will include lodging, meals, classroom study, and daily adventures into the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe and Northern Nevada including a trip to Carson City and Virginia City.

There will be a special emphasis on seeking out and inviting kids to Lake Tahoe each Summer who otherwise would not have chance to visit one of the most beautiful places on Earth.  The Mark Twain Trail will work with schools, community groups, clubs like the Boys & Girls Club, religious organizations, etc. to find kids that are interested in chasing Adventure at Lake Tahoe that hopefully they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.  

Mark Twain Adventure Days for Kids at Lake Tahoe – Example Schedule of Activities


Kids arrive at Reno, Nevada airport and are picked-up in buses and vans and brought to lodging in Incline Village, Nevada

Monday thru Friday


Morning Classroom Work


Afternoon Adventures in the Great Outdoors of Lake Tahoe




Trip to Carson City and Virginia City, Nevada


Ride Virginia City Train

Dinner back at Lake Tahoe



Kids taken to Reno, Nevada airport on buses and vans and next group of kids brought back to Incline Village, Nevada

Each group of kids will number approximately 75 to 100 kids depending upon the capacity of lodging, dining, and classroom space and the availability of teachers and outdoor adventure folks to take the kids out every afternoon for adventures around Lake Tahoe.  In addition to kids that come from American cities for a week of Mark Twain Adventure Days at Lake Tahoe, local parents will also be able to enroll their kids in these day camps who will participate right along as well in all the activities that the other kids are doing.

The main goal of Mark Twain Adventure Days is to show kids not only a part of the world they have never seen before, but to instill in them a sense of the grand adventure that is life that hopefully will stay with them forever.  The Mark Twain Trail Adventure Days will run each Summer from approximately mid-June to Mid-August for roughly 8 weeks or 8 groups of kids visiting Lake Tahoe each Summer.